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Serving a Broad Range of Species

Our products will serve companion animals and
production animals with prescription
and non-prescription products globally.
Neonorm Calf Available Now
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Access to Powerful, Natural Compounds

Jaguar maintains an exclusive, worldwide
license to a large medicinal plant library for
veterinary applications.

Neonorm Calf Available Now
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Committed to Animal Health

We are focused on the development &
commercialization of animal health
solutions that are naturally derived
& sustainably harvested.

Neonorm Calf Available Now
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2014 Product Launch

We expect to market our first
product for use in dairy
calves in late 2014.

Neonorm Calf Available Now

Naturally derived health solutions for animals around the world

We’re focused on developing and commercializing a range of first-in-class prescription and non-prescription gastrointestinal products for companion and production animals.

Jaguar is committed to identifying animal health market opportunities where we can develop species-specific products that leverage our broad intellectual property portfolio, deep pipeline and extensive botanical library.

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