Neonorm Calf’s Ethnobotanical Origins

By Steven R. King, Ph.D.

The term ethnobotanical refers to the use of plants by indigenous people in the course of their everyday lives, including the use of plants for medicine.

The product, Neonorm Calf, and the standardized botanical extract it contains result from decades of research that began with the expertise of traditional healers of the Amazon rainforest.

The standardized botanical extract in Neonorm Calf is derived from the Amazonian tree species, Croton lechleri, and has a rich history of medicinal use by indigenous peoples in the Western Amazon rainforests of South America. The tree produces a blood red latex from which the standardized botanical exact Neonorm is isolated and purified. The tree is commonly called “Sangre de drago” in Spanish which translates to “Dragon’s blood” in English.

This Croton lechleri tree is one of the most widely used plant-derived medicines in the western hemisphere. Red latex from Croton lechleri trees continues to be part of rural and urban traditional medicine in multiple countries including Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Indigenous people utilize the red latex to treat a variety of medical conditions. It’s most common uses are taking small quantities of the latex orally to treat diarrhea, stomach ulcers, coughs and flu. The red latex is also applied topically as a wound healing agent for cuts, open sores and for healing the gums after tooth extractions. It has been and continues to be used to treat humans as well as dogs and livestock.

Because of its widespread medicinal use, there has been extensive research conducted on the chemistry and pharmacology of this red latex. The product, Neonorm Calf, and the standardized botanical extract it contains are the result of decades of research that began with the expertise of traditional healers of the Amazon rainforest.

Jaguar CEO Lisa Conte with a Blue Grey cow at the Clayton Family Farm in Devon, UK
Jaguar CEO Lisa Conte with a Blue Grey cow at the Clayton Family Farm in Devon, UK


Neonorm Calf is extracted and purified from the red latex of Croton lechleri, shown here as it exudes from the cut bark of the tree.

The Croton lechleri tree is rapidly growing and abundant in multiple countries. Jaguar Animal Health and its predecessor companies always focus on the long-term sustainable management of the tree as part of our commitment to helping local communities both conserve their natural resources while also earning income for the basic needs of their families, such as food, clothing, health care and education. Jaguar Animal Health employees have been collaborating with local communities, business partners and scientists for the past 25 years to make certain that the development and sale of this product provides benefit to local communities. Large numbers of these trees have been planted, and re-planted upon harvesting, across Peru in collaboration with communities and small local businesses.

More Blue Grey cows at the Clayton Family Farm in Devon, UK
More Blue Grey cows at the Clayton Family Farm in Devon, UK