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Is Your Current Foal Diarrhea Product Supported By Clinical Studies?

We Suspect the Answer is No.


Neonorm Foal's Unique Mechanism of Action


A Natural, Plant-Based Product

Comprised of a standardized botanical extract derived from the Croton lechleri tree.

Tackles Foal Diarrhea at the Source: Water Loss

Normalizes water flow into the intestine & can help reduce the severity of the diarrhea.

Acts Directly on Electrolyte Imbalances, the Root Cause of Secretory Diarrhea


The Mechanism of Action is Well Documented

Neonorm Foal acts as a chloride channel blocker, normalizing water flow into the intestines.  


Administer 10 mL of Neonorm Foal, 2 to 3 times per day, for up to 3 days.


"Neonorm is an EXCELLENT product. I’m relying on it for foals with diarrhea, as do a number of my colleagues—with positive results." ~ Dr. Pedro De Pedro, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LAM, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

"I am pretty cautious about recommending any product but this one definitely gets five stars. I ordered Neonorm Foal just as our new filly was born. Sure enough, she came down with a bad case of foal diarrhea. Initially, I tried the usual vet recommendations and nothing seemed to work. Then, the Neonorm Foal product arrived in the mail. She started to get better after the first dose and now with the third dose the diarrhea is gone. I've never had a foal diarrhea product work this fast or this well. I will definitely keep this in supply for every foaling season." ~ John Kreider, Foal Owner

"I have been using Neonorm Foal on the farm where I work. It has performed very well in the foals we have given it to. It is definitely a product that we will continue to use here at Montessori Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. I will definitely be recommending it to the other farms that I am involved with." ~ Laura Cain, Farm Manager, Montessori Farm, Versailles, KY

"It worked quickly and helped reduce costs of other medications such as fluids, antibiotics & anti-inflammatories."  ~ Deborah, Equine Veterinarian

"The Neonorm Foal product is wonderful and it works." ~ Ed Lawrence, Foal Owner

"Definitely recommend this product for any of my friends with foals. We got a sample of the Neonorm and have had great success with it. It's going to be a must have for us from now on." ~ Alyssa Fox, Foal Owner

"I loved that it really worked! But apart from that, the paste formulation was really practical & the foals really liked it, which doesn't often happen with many oral medications."  ~ Martina, Equine Veterinarian

"My mare came into foal heat and with it, the filly got loose. So, I remembered my [Neonorm Foal] sample and put this product to the test. OK, my intrigue went to impressed. I noticed a difference right away. I realize it's a Big expense for these companies to mail out all these samples, and with CLASS. So I wanted to help spread the word that I WILL be ordering more of this product and its getting a 5 Star rating from me as well!!." ~ Kimberlee Twining-Brown, Foal Owner

"Many diarrheas are resolved with only one dose, which was very impressive."  ~ Amelia, Equine Veterinarian

"The formulation & form of administration were great. There was no need to mix it up or add anything else. You use it & throw it away. That time is saved."  ~ Guillermo, Equine Veterinarian